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Challenges arise every day in a variety of forms such as environmental, economic and social that stretch from the local to the national level. These challenges require different ways of thinking about the problem and devising solutions for them. With help from The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) we can now collaborate on a shared vision “for improving the quality of life” for people everywhere. Thanks to a generous donation from ASME we can now share that same vision to benefit more people throughout Los Angeles.           

Connecting more people to the internet requires collaboration from our partners and the right equipment to do so. With about 300 computers donated we can now work to get more people connected and increase access to jobs, education and vital information for them to succeed. In addition, this donation will help connect hundreds of people in OurCycle LA and PowerOn programs while reducing the amount of E-waste in landfills.

The digital divide encompasses “12% of adults” in urban areas and “22% in rural areas,” according to a Pew Research Center survey. Bridging the digital divide for more people is a huge challenge, but with our partners such as ASME we can make sure more people have access. Solving the digital divide aligns perfectly with the mission of ASME and human-I-T by setting the standard “for serving diverse global communities” while providing the necessary opportunities for people in urban and rural areas. As we continue to bridge the digital divide for families and individuals our vision to connect more people will be more tangible with the help of ASME.


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