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Discover How Your Donation Improves Lives

Your donation will change the life of a low-income family by connecting them to computer hardware, internet, and digital training.

With your help, we can open the door to opportunity for those who need it most.

  • $25 ESTABLISHES a first-time internet connection for someone-in-need
  • $50 ENHANCES LEARNING by providing a low-income person with a fully refurbished computer
  • $100 CONNECTS families with a mobile hotspot so they can access the internet on-the-go.

Donate Bitcoin

Technology has the power to transform lives. If you own bitcoin or cryptocurrency, you are likely well aware of that. By donating a portion of your bitcoin earnings or cryptocurrency to human-I-T, you can ensure vulnerable populations have access to computer hardware, affordable internet, and digital training. Your charity will enable impoverished individuals to tap into opportunity where it lives today - online.  

Each donation of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency helps human-I-T take in excess technology ("E-waste"), repurpose it, and donate it back to those in need. The objective is straightforward: less technology waste and more people with technology. Use your crypto to give someone the same access to technology that empowers your success.

Donate Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Use your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to help those in need get access to a computer and internet