Prudential Cares & human-I-T
Technology Giving Campaign

Giving Your Technology a Second Life

Provide Opportunities for Those in Need
Thank you for your interest in helping your unwanted technology be repurposed and used to help students in need. Your donations will be wiped, refurbished and repurposed to help students across the country gain access to computers, internet connections, and training.

All donations are 100% tax-deductible & receive complimentary corporate-grade data destruction.
To complete your donation, please follow these simple steps:
  • Step 1: Collect any laptops, smartphones, desktops, and other consumer-grade electronics you no longer need. Please see our Accepted Items Guide for additional information on eligible donations
  • Step 2: If you plan on using this donation for tax purposes, record the make and model of your items 
  • Step 3: Carefully package items safely so as to minimize damage during transport. If applicable, remove and separate any loose batteries and tape all battery terminals for safe transport
  • Step 4: Write “Prudential” on the box and shipping label so your donation can be easily identified
  • Step 5: Ship your donation to:

    human-I-T Los Angeles
    4525 Sheila St Commerce, CA 90040

  • Step 6: Download your Blank Donation Receipt for your tax-deduction
  • Step 7: That's it! Your donations will help students, families, and nonprofits across the country.
Thank you in advance for your donation! 
Donations are always welcome. Next time you have an unwanted device, follow these same steps & help those in need.

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If you have any questions please reach out to
Be sure to mention the Prudential Cares campaign in your message. Thank you!