Frequently Asked Questions


Is human-I-T an IRS designated 501(c)3, non-profit organization?
What makes human-I-T unique?
Where can I direct press inquiries?
What is your federal tax ID?
Which industries do you serve?
What is your data destruction process?

Receive Tech

What are the requirements for recipients to receive a technology donation (grant)?
I need a computer. How can I request a computer donation?

Tech Donations

Do I have to pay a fee to donate my technology items?
What technology items can I donate to human-I-T?
What type of monetary donations do you accept?
Why should I donate technology instead of recycling?
Are gifts tax-deductible?
Do you accept electronics/technology that do not work?
When will I be contacted regarding my donation?
How do I get my items to you?
Can I drop off my items?
Can I write off my donation? How much is my write off?
What items do you accept?
Who will my items help?
When will I received my itemized tax-deductible receipt?

Low-Cost Internet

What is Mobile Citizen?
Who qualifies for Mobile Citizen?
What are the offers for broadband service through Mobile Citizen?
Can a hotspot purchased from a different provider be connected by human-I-T to the Mobile Citizen service?
How do you know if the hotspot will service your address?
How do customers apply for Mobile Citizen?
How will Internet service be installed?

Tech Support

Who is eligible for free tech support?
I'm having trouble with my Coolpad Surf hotspot. How can I troubleshoot the issue?
Who to contact for tech support?
I'm having issues with my hotspot's battery, or the hotspot is giving me an "invalid SIM" message.