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human-I-T has implemented programs geared toward enabling technology ownership and internet connectivity in underserved communities.

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Bridging the Digital Divide

The digital divide is the gap between people who have access to the digital world, and those who are locked out. There are three ingredients needed to access the digital world: computer hardware, an internet connection, and digital skills. human-I-T creates programs that provide low-income communities with access to all three ingredients so they can thrive in the digital age.

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OurCycle LA

OurCycle LA is a preeminent partnership connecting nonprofits and government  agencies to expand digital inclusion throughout the greater Los Angeles area.


Of the participating housing authorities, human-I-T was the leader in connecting the most families. Low-income households in federally assisted housing (with K-12 students) receive donated technology, free broadband internet access, digital literacy training and technical support through the program.


The PowerOn Campaign provides at-risk, LGBTQ youth in shelters and community centers with access to technology (tablets, laptops, and smartphones), as well as   important online resources for suicide prevention and helping build support communities.


human-I-T Connect is human-I-T’s community incubator that provides low income households with free or low cost internet. Program partners include Frontier Communications, Spectrum, Mobile Citizen, and the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF).

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human-I-T Connect

Smartphones and cell phones are donated to homeless youth through human-I-T Connect. We connect ages 12 to 25 to shelter, food, transportation, healthcare, hotlines, jobs and other resources through our partnership with Our Children LA.

Frontier Communications

human-I-T Frontiers donates free Chromebooks (while supplies last) to low-income families in California that have signed up for one of our affordable internet offers.


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