PwC Fundraiser

Connecting Students Who Need to Study Remotely

Please Give Today:

This week, millions of students were asked to stay home and complete their schoolwork remotely.
The reality is - 1 in 4 students can't afford home internet, leaving them to fall behind on their lessons and homework. You can help today.

We are reaching out to you to ask for your help connecting low-income students & families to the internet so they have the same opportunities as the rest of us; to be safe and continue their education at the same time.

human-I-T's goal is to mobilize the PwC community to raise $25,000 to donate 250 hotspots to underserved households within the next month. 

You can help make that possible with a donation. Every dollar helps a family not fall behind as school and work moves online.

Thank you, and stay safe!