PwC Tech Collection

Your Technology Can Connect Students
Needing to Study Remotely

Please Give Today:
Thank you and the entire PwC organization for supporting students-in-need during these challenging times. Your technology donation gets us one step closer to providing laptops and internet connections to students who now must study remotely across the country.  

In order to help connect as many households as possible, we are careful to use our resources wisely and with consideration of those we strive to help. 

To donate your technology, there are two available options:

  1. Ship your donation to us!
    Just pack the technology you wish to donate in a box and send it to the address below:
                 Attn: Donations
                 Re: PwC
                 4525 Sheila Street
                 Commerce, CA, 90040
  2. Don't have a box? Purchase a Prepaid Donation Box!
    This includes packaging materials and prepaid return UPS shipping labels.
We encourage you to donate laptops, tablets, and smartphones, as they are the easiest and least expensive to ship. However, please feel free to send all types of E-Waste our way. Please see our Accepted Items for guidance.

All donations receive complimentary HIPAA and DoD data wiping and are 100% tax-deductible. Should you decide to donate and would like a tax-deductible Donation Receipt, please download from here.
Thank you again for looking to give your unwanted technology a second life and help those in need.
I already recycle. Why should I use human-I-T?
Can I write off my donation?
What items do we accept?
What items do we not accept?
What is our data destruction process?
What pick up or shipping options do we offer?
Still have questions? Please contact or call 888-268-3921