Connect to the Internet & Get a Laptop for as low as $105

Get Your Affordable Connectivity Program Benefit Today

Human-I-T, a leading nonprofit that promotes equitable access to technology and internet connectivity, is one of the only providers participating in the Affordable Connectivity Program that’s offering steep discounts on both high-speed internet and devices.

  • $85 hotspots plus free monthly service 
  • Each hotspot purchase comes with a discount for a Chromebook, bringing the total laptop cost to between $20 and $50
  • Assistance is available in English and Spanish

Fill out the form on this page or text one of our subscription specialists at (562) 372-6925 to receive your $85 hotspot plus a discount on a Chromebook.


What is the Affordable Connectivity Program?

The Affordable Connectivity Program, previously known as the Emergency Broadband Benefit, is a program that has allocated $14.2 billion to assist people in need with getting and staying connected to the internet by offering low-cost, high-speed internet along with discounts on devices through certain providers, like Human-I-T.

How Do I Know if I Qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program?

Households who are interested in collecting their Affordable Connectivity Program benefits must submit proof of low income along with a photo ID and date of birth of whoever is submitting the request.

Where Must I Live to Receive Human-I-T’s Hotspot/Device bundle?

Residents who live in the United States, except for those living in Hawaii, Alaska, or the American territories, are eligible to receive Human-I-T’s hotspot/device bundle.

When Will I Know if I’m Able to Collect the Emergency Broadband Benefit?

For text messages, we will respond within 1 to 2 business days. For phone calls, we will aim to connect with you within three business days, though wait times might increase depending on the volume of incoming calls.

How Else May I Contact You?

Call 888-391-7249

Once approved, how long will I receive these benefits?

Unlike the Emergency Broadband Benefit which offered subsidies to reduce the cost of internet for a limited-time, the Affordable Connectivity Program is a permanent program. So long as you qualify for the program, you’ll be able to continue receiving the monthly $30 subsidy to use for connecting to internet plans in your area.

What happens if I no longer qualify for the program?

You will be notified that you no longer qualify for the program before your benefits are terminated. Once you are notified, you will be given the option to either discontinue your internet service with Human-I-T or agree to our non-ACP terms and rates.