Enjoy Rapid-Response, Bilingual Tech Support

Reduce Lost Productivity and Get Technical Issues Resolved in Less Than One Business Day

We know that a device and the internet are only as valuable to someone as their ability to use it without interruption. That’s why we offer comprehensive, rapid-response technical support – so you can stop waiting for your technology to work and get back to achieving your goals online. 

Enjoy Tech Support That’s Run by Humans, for Humans

Our professionally-trained team of technical support specialists are trained to resolve a variety of support requests in English or Spanish, including fixing your device’s hardware, getting you connected to the internet, or helping you use basic software like Microsoft Office or web applications, from 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.

Have the Peace of Mind that You’ll Always be Taken Care Of

We know that nothing is more frustrating than when your device decides to stop working, especially when there are urgent tasks you need to get done. That’s why we provide one year of free technical support for every individual who purchases a device from us, as well as for individuals who are eligible through participating programs.