Professional E-waste Services

Your Technology Can Make an Impact

Donate Your E-Waste to Better Someone’s Future

Businesses of any size or industry can access Human-I-T’s professional IT asset disposition services. Human-I-T will arrange an equipment pickup, securely wipe devices of sensitive data, refurbish and update them, and distribute them to local community organizations and individuals who lack access to technology. Damaged or broken items are also accepted for end-of-life product disposal. All donations are tax-deductible.

E-waste Services

Recycling is no longer a sufficient method for disposing waste sustainably; given the scale of the climate crisis, reuse is now a prerequisite for protecting the planet. We collect used technology from corporate partners across the country—empowering them to make a positive environmental and social impact by diverting their devices from landfills or recycling plants, and allowing them to be restored and shared with those in need.

Our Data Destruction Process

Data security is a top priority so we can best protect our donors and recipients. Using data destruction software certified by HIPAA and the Department of Defense, we completely wipe the data from all hard drives and perform a comprehensive rescan to verify that all data has been fully removed, and if the hard drive fails that verification we will physically destroys the drive. Your teams can rest assured, knowing a certificate of data destruction will be provided with every itemized donation receipt. And if your company policy is to keep your hard drives, don’t worry! We can still put your technology to good use.

Our Reporting Systems

Detailed reporting is available to meet even the most stringent data security protocols. You can view an example of the general Certificate of Data Destruction included in every Donation Receipt here.

Accepted Items

From computer systems and accessories, to handheld devices, audio and video supplies to office or warehouse equipment, we accept a wide variety of items––including some you might not expect. Take a look at our list of items we'll gladly take off your hands.

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Technology Partners

What is our quality, environmental, health & safety policy?

 To learn more about our policies when it comes to treating your devices with care, click here.