Secure E-waste Pickup and Removal Services

Securely donate your company's e-waste

Now more than ever, customers and employees alike are holding companies accountable for their role in protecting the planet and empowering its people. That’s why Human-I-T makes it easy for companies to help tackle two of the biggest issues of our time – the e-waste crisis and the digital divide – just by making a tax-deductible donation of their e-waste and IT equipment.  

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Secure E-waste Pickup and Removal Services

We make it easy for companies to donate their e-waste and used technology no matter where they are in the country. Every corporate e-waste donor is paired with a dedicated account manager who will be there at every step of the donation process to answer questions, offer additional documentation or reporting, and provide anything else necessary to ensure our donors' technology is safely and securely refurbished and distributed back into the hands of the communities who need it most.

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Our Data Destruction Process

Every donated storage device is processed at our facilities which have received NAID AAA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications and has its data wiped using DoD and HIPAA-compliant NIST 800-88 software.

At the end of every donation, our team provides a certificate of data destruction along with itemized donation receipts, examples of which can be viewed here. In the event not all data can be destroyed, we responsibly dispose of the physical assets through an R2-certified organization.

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Accepted Items

Every pound of e-waste that we can divert from landfills is a win for the environment. That’s why we accept a wide variety of items, from computer systems and accessories, to handheld devices, to audio and video supplies, to office and warehouse equipment, and more. Take a look at our list of accepted items below.

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What is our quality, environmental, health & safety policy?

Human-I-T is dedicated to ensuring that all end-of-life electronic assets are disposed of in ways that are responsible and consistent with our values of protecting our environment and upholding the health and safety of our workers, clients, and community.

To learn more about our policies when it comes to treating your devices with care, click here.


What types of items do you accept?

We like to say we accept everything with a plug except appliances. Please see our Accepted Items list for more info.

Where does Human-I-T offer its e-waste services?

We offer nationwide logistics solutions for any of your professional e-waste project needs. Please see here for our list of services.

How do I donate my personal technology?

You are welcome to ship in or drop off at either our Los Angeles Warehouse or our Detroit warehouse. Please fill in this form as a personal donor to receive an email with instructions.

How does Human-I-T secure my data?

We sanitize every donated storage device at our NAID-certified facilities using DoD and HIPAA-compliant NIST 800-88 software. Please see our Data Destruction Page for more info!

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