Human-I-T Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Become a corporate sponsor for Human-I-T to surpass your ESG, SDG, and employee activation goals by transforming your contributions into social and environmental impacts that tangibly improve our planet and the lives of its people.

Our most successful and impactful partnerships span a multi-year life cycle and incorporate a number of partnership pathways including, but not limited to, the examples below:

Showcase your commitment to social and environmental impact


For $50,000, have your organization's website linked out to from a logo which will be featured on the Our Impact page of our website.

Organizations who are dedicated to empowering people and protecting the planet will opt to have their organization's website linked out to from a logo which will be featured on our website's homepage for a contribution of $250,000.

Turn your impact into brand loyalty


Make it easy for recently-digitally-connected individuals to access your organization's products or services by putting a widget on the home screen of 100 Human-I-T devices that links to a landing page of your choice on your organization's website.

Transform your community with a co-branded distribution event


Host a co-branded computer distribution event that provides 100 or more devices to a community of your organization's choice, as well as two short-form videos and two static posts which speak to your organization's committment to our mission on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (16 posts total), published over the course of three months.

Content will be shot and edited by Human-I-T team pending location with corporate sponsor to review.

Make a dent in your community's digital divide


Know of a population in your community with specific needs for access to technology, internet connectivity, digital skills training, or technical support? Join this tier and we'll help your organization directly provide those digital inclusion services to community members in need.

Warehouse employee tour / volunteer experience


Clocking in at three-hours' time, this experiential employee engagement opportunity will allow up to ten of your employees to tour one of our warehouses and learn the processes that we employ to transform old technology into new opportunities. During the tour, your employees will be allowed to volunteer in sorting, inventorying, processing, and preparing to ship these devices to their new communities.

Educate your employees about the necessity of digital inclusion


Host a fast-paced and comprehensive workshop for your organization's staff that will teach them about the digital divide and the e-waste crisis, how Human-I-T works to combat both, and the steps they can take to become stewards of social and environmental equity in their communities.

Make a small splash about your commitment to digital inclusion


Receive all prior benefits, along with one unique social media post (excluding video) for each of the following platforms: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Sponsors will also receive a co-branded blog, as well as a multi-paragraph feature in one edition of our monthly newsletter, which will explore the impact of your organization's partnership with Human-I-T.

Help your employees drive digital inclusion


Human-I-T will help you host an employee technology drive by providing: language which invites employees to donate their personal technology; physical marketing collateral that provides instructions on how to donate; and detailed donation metrics that paints a clear picture of the impact of your employees' donations'.

Make your mark


Have a banner with your organization's logo hung up on the walls of one of our warehouses, as well as have their website linked out to from the intro of our monthly newsletter for three consecutive editions.

Interested in getting in touch with one of our team members to discuss making a monetary gift and becoming a Human-I-T Corporate Sponsor? Please fill out this form and we will schedule a time to talk!