Human-I-T Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Become a corporate sponsor for Human-I-T to surpass your ESG, SDG, and employee activation goals by transforming your contributions into social and environmental impacts that tangibly improve our planet and the lives of its people.

Our most successful and impactful partnerships span a multi-year life cycle and incorporate a number of partnership pathways including, but not limited to, the examples below:

Digitally Equip Your Community


Join Human-I-T to host a co-branded technology distribution event to provide 100 or more devices to members of your community who currently lack access to digital technology; Human-I-T’s photography staff will be on-hand to capture and share high-quality photos and videos from the event.

Disrupt the Digital Divide—Your Way


Directly transform your monetary donation into a combination of vital digital resources, training, and support, for members of an under-resourced community that your organization takes special interest in. From donating laptops to a local elementary school to providing internet connections to seniors, we can collaborate with you to fulfill the unique digital inclusion needs of a specific group.

Warehouse Employee Volunteer Event


Give up to 15 employees the chance to get their hands dirty while cleaning up our planet with 4 hours of hands-on volunteering in our NAID-certified warehouse, where we'll walk them through how and why technological refurbishment is inseparable from a truly sustainable, circular economy. (Warehouses located in Los Angeles, California and Detroit, Michigan)

Digital Equity Workshop


Cultivate curiosity in your team about their work's impact on the planet and people with a workshop curated to explore the intersections of social justice, digital equity, and sustainability within your specific industry. Led by a Human-I-T staffer, this workshop can be virtual or in-person, and will leave your team feeling inspired, engaged and connected.

Generos-I-T Digital Equity Drive


Bolster employee engagement by providing an in-person, remote, or hybrid opportunity for your staff to directly shrink the digital divide by donating their unwanted technology and/or making a monetary gift.

Digital Literacy Volunteer Tutoring


Provide your employees an online, yet interactive, volunteer experience of equipping adult learners with invaluable digital skills that will last them a lifetime.

Don’t see an opportunity that suits your company? We’d love to connect and build a corporate partnership that meets your needs!

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