Secure E-Waste Removal and ITAD Services

We make it easy for organizations to remove decommissioned technology, protect the planet from e-waste, and empower people in their community with access to opportunities

Over the past ten years, Human-I-T has worked tirelessly to facilitate a simple process that allows organizations across the globe – ranging from Fortune 100 enterprises to small, local businesses – to divert used technology away from landfills and into the hands of people who need it most. 

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Fast and easy e-waste pickup and removal

On-site palletized e-waste pickup and removal – on your time 

Whether you’re just around the corner, or across the country, we’ll have either our team or a team from one of our vetted 3PL carriers come on-site within two weeks of your request to collect, package, palletize and transport your technology donation to one of our NAID AAA- and ISO-certified facilities. 

Expedited pickups are available and can be accommodated as soon as same-day. Pickups outside of our the hours of M-F, 9 am – 5 pm local time are also available. Insurance coverage charges are included in all pickups. 

Shipping labels and boxes for smaller volume donations 

Sometimes there just isn’t pallets’ worth of technology to donate. That’s why we offer 20”x20”x20” boxes with a 50 pound-per-box limit, packaging materials, and return shipping labels for organizations who want to donate a modest amount of technology. A professional carrier pickup can also requested.

Remote Employee Asset Management

Remote workforces also have a role to play in reducing their e-waste footprint. ‍That’s why we offer remote data sanitization using NIST 800-88 software, reporting, and shipping materials for your company’s assets that will be returned to your organization or donated to Human-I-T.

NAID AAA- and ISO-Certified Data Sanitization

Corporate-grade data sanitization – no matter where your devices are 

We wipe every data storage device with a HIPAA and DoD compliant, NIST 800-88 one-pass random wipe with 100% verification. Hard drives which require data sanitization prior to arriving at a Human-I-T facility will be wiped on-site at the donor’s request. For added security, we also remove any identifying markings from devices including asset tags, stickers, and any other identifying information. 

Individual and serialized data destruction reporting 

We make it easy for your organization to know exactly what’s been done to your donated technology by providing serialized data erasure certificates and reporting for every donated device or hard drive. 

Click here to see an example of our data destruction reports. 

Physical hard drive crushing 

All drives which cannot be 100% verified wiped by our data sanitization process will be physically crushed and provided serialized reporting. Hard drives may also be physically crushed on-site upon the donor’s request. 

Click here to see an example of our physical destruction reports.

Comprehensive donation reporting

Social and environmental impact reporting

Donations over a certain value will be provided with a social and environmental impact report to help you communicate how the amount of e-waste your donation helped divert away from landfills translates to tangible, positive impacts in your community. 

Complimentary itemized, tax-deductible receipt

Every donation includes a tax-deductible donation receipt that details the make, model, and serial number for all items donated. Click here to see an example of our donation receipts. 

Additional Solutions for E-Waste Removal and Processing

Server rack uninstallation

Donors who have server racks can have all networking equipment removed from the racks, as well as have the racks themselves uninstalled by our professional team. 

Bulk bin replacement

To ensure that the maximum amount of e-waste can be collected from each donation, we can provide bulk bins which can be dropped off and replaced after they’re filled with e-waste and other electronic items 

Community Tech Drives

Bring your neighbors together to collect unwanted technology that will go on to generate a positive social and environmental impact in your community. Human-I-T will support all community-facing tech drives with event logistics setup assistance, as well as provide secure data sanitization and donation reporting for all donors who participate.

Business Tech Drive Events

Unify your organization and engage your employees around the cause of digital inclusion by getting them to donate their unwanted technology to Human-I-T. Employee- or tenant-based tech drives can be structured in a variety of formats to meet your organization’s needs, including remotely. Logistics support, data sanitization, and post-donation reporting will be provided for all donated devices.

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