Donate Cryptocurrency. Empower People. Protect the Earth.

When you donate cryptocurrency to Human-I-T, we immediately transform your coins into contributions that support people like Arlia, below, in getting access to the technology, internet connectivity, digital skills training and ongoing support they need to thrive in today’s digital age.

tech items distributed
households assisted with internet
digital literacy learners
pounds of e-waste diverted

Do something undeniably good and tax-efficient: donate cryptocurrency to Human-I-T

Here’s what it means when we say it's tax-efficient to donate cryptocurrency to nonprofits like Human-I-T.

Let's say you have Bitcoins that are worth $1000 today that you purchased for $300 more than one year before. The timing is important, trust us.

If you sell or spend those coins, you have to pay both Federal and state income taxes on the amount of money you gained on that investment. In this case, you'd have $700 of taxable income. If you held those coins for even just one year and a day, you'd have to pay nearly $150 just in taxes.

However, if you instead donate your cryptocurrency to Human-I-T, not only do you avoid having to pay any of those taxes, but the IRS will actually let you deduct the full present value of the coins you donate off of your taxes next year!

So, the choice is kind of simple: cash out your coins and pay hundreds of dollars in taxes, or pay even less in taxes next year.

All you have to do is donate cryptocurrency to Human-I-T and help us ensure everyone has equal access to opportunities online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cryptocurrency Donations to Human-I-T

Which cryptocurrencies do you accept?

We accept the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) Aave (AAVE) Alchemix (ALCX) Amp (AMP) Ankr Network (ANKR) ApeCOIN (APE)  API3 (API3) Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) Audius (AUDIO) Balancer (BAL) Bancor Network Token (BNT) BarnBridge (BOND) Basic Attention Token (BAT) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ChainLink (LINK) Civic (CVC) Compound (COMP) Curve (CRV) Dai (DAI) Decentraland (MANA) DeFI Pulse Index(DPI) Dogecoin (DOGE) Dogelon Mars (ELON) Enjin Coin (ENJ) Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Fantom (FTM) Fetch AI (FET) Filecoin (FIL) Gala (GALA) Gemini Dollar (GUSD) Injective Protocol (INJ) Keep3r (KP3R) Kyber Network (KNC) Lido (LDO) Liquity(LQTY) Liquity USD(LUSD) Litecoin (LTC) Livepeer (LPT) Loopring (LRC) Magic Internet Money (MIM) Maker (MKR) Maple Finance (MPL) Mask Network (MASK) Merit Circle (MC) Mirror Protocol (MIR) Moss Carbon Credit (MCO2) Numeraire (NMR) Orchid (OXT) PAX Gold (PAXG) Polygon (MATIC) Quant (QNT) Radicle Rally(RLY) Raydium(RAY) Radicle (RAD) Ren (REN) Render Token (RNDR) Saber(SBR) Shiba Inu (SHIB) Skale (SKL) Smooth Love Potion (SLP) Solana (SOL) Somnium Space (CUBE) Spell Token (SPELL) Storj (STORJ) SushiSwap (SUSHI) Synthetix (SNX) Terra (LUNA) TerraUSD (UST) Tezos (XTZ) The Graph (GRT) The Sandbox (SAND) UMA (UMA) Uniswap (UNI) USD Coin (USDC) Wrapped Centrifuge (wCFG) Yearn.Finance (YFI) Zcash (ZEC) 0x (ZRX) 1inch (1INCH)

Where can I access my wallet address to complete my donation?

All of our wallet addresses can be accessed by using the donation widget above. Once you enter which type of cryptocurrency you’d like to donate and reach the third step of the donation process, you should receive a unique wallet address. This wallet address can be used to complete your donation. 

Can I only use the wallet address provided to me one time? Or can I use the wallet address provided more than once?

Your unique wallet address is yours! Keep it! You can use this wallet address while donating cryptocurrency as much as you want (which we know will be often, right?) without having to re-enter any information!

Why can I donate Polygon (MATIC) but not tokens sent via the Polygon network?

The Giving Block supports the ERC-20 Polygon (MATIC) asset but The Giving Block does not support transfers via the Polygon/Matic network. In order to successfully donate Polygon (MATIC) to a charity please be sure the assets you are transferring are on the Ethereum mainnet (ERC-20 token).

Will I get a receipt with my cryptocurrency donation?

So long as you enter your email when prompted to in our cryptocurrency donation widget above, you will receive a receipt in your inbox after you donate.

Can I donate cryptocurrency anonymously?

Yes! However, in order to receive a tax receipt, you must enter your email address on the third page before completing your cryptocurrency donation.

Do you accept refunds for cryptocurrency donations?

All cryptocurrency donations to Human-I-T made via The Giving Block are nonrefundable.

We work hard to ensure that every token you donate is put to work as soon as possible. When we receive your donation, it is understood that this is made to support our mission and we are grateful for your support.

Human-I-T does not, has not, and will never offer any form of cryptocurrency airdrop, goods or services in return for a donation.

If you want to learn more about how donating crypto can lower your taxes, check out Talk to a crypto-savvy tax professional or connect with The Giving Block to get connected with one. If you have any questions about Human-I-T or your donation, please reach out to us for more information.