Securely dispose of old data center equipment and slash emissions

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“Studies show that the carbon contribution for an average 1MW data center includes 33,000 lbs of emissions from its plastic, 73,000lbs from aluminum and 377,000 lbs from steel. As such, re-using materials – either as whole units or its separate parts – as much as possible is the best way to minimize energy emissions.”

- Data Centre Magazine

Minimize your data center’s emissions through secure e-waste disposal

Partner with Human-I-T and showcase your commitment to sustainability. By responsibly managing your obsolete tech, you can cut down on 600 metric tonnes of carbon emissions annually. Build consumer trust, hit your sustainability targets, and lead by example in environmental responsibility.

Thanks to tech donations in 2023 we…



from landfills



people with essential technology

“The e-waste challenge necessitates a focus on circularity. The accelerated innovation in AI chips and GPUs should be met with efficient IT asset lifecycle optimization, recycling, remarketing, and secure disposal.“

- Mark Kidd

Executive VP of Iron Mountain

Refreshing equipment every 2-3 years is already a pain.

Let's Make It Easier.

Lock-Tight Data Security

With Human-I-T’s NAID AAA Certified data destruction, your sensitive information is obliterated, not just deleted. Comply effortlessly with all regulations, earn tax benefits, and boost your company’s green credentials all at once.

Clear Out the Clutter

Obsolete devices piling up? Stop letting outdated tech waste space and resources. Human-I-T transforms your e-waste into working devices for underserved communities. We handle everything—pickup, packaging, and processing—so you can focus on what matters.

From e-waste to empowerment.

Your donated devices help make a human impact.

Save your energy. Donate today.

Partner with us now and lead the way to not just a greener future, but a smarter, more connected world.

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