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Palo Alto Networks is Taking Action to Respect the Planet and Uplift Communities during Earth Month

Consider this for a moment.

While over 82 million Americans struggle to do basic tasks like pursue an education, apply for jobs, or connect with loved ones because they lack access to digital technology, over 150,000 laptops are thrown away each day. This glaring statistic is a part of what causes e-waste to be the most toxic and largest growing waste stream on the planet.

What should the solution be? Well, according to Palo Alto Networks, the answer is simple: we must reimagine the current take-make-dispose mindset of ownership to drive more sustainable and equitable outcomes. 

In Palo Alto Networks’ case, achieving that audacious goal required them to take a multi-pronged approach and leverage Human-I-T’s expertise to drive the impacts they strived for.

How Palo Alto Networks Drives Sustainable Impacts by Donating Technology to Human-I-T

In honor of Earth Month, Palo Alto Networks collaborated with Human-I-T to facilitate a company-wide employee technology drive throughout the month of April. From Santa Clara to New York City, employees donated their own pieces of outdated technology with two, interconnected goals in mind: empower people and protect the Earth.

With a total amount of 684 lbs. of technology donated during Earth Month, it is building on Palo Alto Networks employees’ past contribution of nearly $25,000 worth of technology that we already transformed to both directly empower individuals with digital access or fund our operations with.

Why Palo Alto Networks Decided to Become a Corporate Sponsor to Human-I-T During Earth Month

Palo Alto Networks had no interest in letting their employee technology drive be the end of the impact they drove through Human-I-T. Instead, the company recognized something we’ve been saying for a decade: small, continuous improvements are key to effectively tackling issues like the digital divide and e-waste crisis. With this in mind, Palo Alto Networks joined an elite group of our most dedicated partner organizations by establishing a year-round collaboration with us.

As of last December, Palo Alto Networks employees have been able to donate outdated or unwanted technology to Human-I-T at Palo Alto Networks locations across the country. Not only that, but the company itself decided to supercharge their commitment to digital equity by providing $10,000 in corporate funding to Human-I-T. This funding will allow us to equip nearly 100 low-income students with a quality, refurbished device.

The Far-Reaching Impact of Palo Alto Networks’ Collaboration with Human-I-T

Not only will these devices help uplift underserved K-12 students to reach greater heights of academic achievement, but also allow them to explore their interests and become more active in their community. That’s 100 students who will now have the tools and support they need to explore their interests, connect with their peers, and unlock their full potential both in and out of the classroom.

These are the types of impacts that partners like Palo Alto Networks make when they lend their full support to organizations like Human-I-T. Through our collaboration, Palo Alto Networks and Human-I-T are doing more than just improving the health of our planet and its people; our relationship is creating a world where everyone has equal access to opportunities.

Click here to learn more about how your organization can be like Palo Alto Networks and drive digital equity through Human-I-T.

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