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What happens to your tech when your company is done with it?

Out of Sight. Not Out of Mind.

Every year, millions of tons of e-waste are generated worldwide, with only a fraction being recycled. This:

Leaks toxins into the environment
E-waste can leak toxic substances like lead, mercury, and cadmium into soil and groundwater when dumped in landfills, poisoning the environment and potentially contaminating water supplies. Burning e-waste releases hazardous fumes.

Poses cybersecurity risks
Improperly discarded devices may still contain sensitive personal and corporate data. If retrieved, this information could be exploited for identity theft, financial fraud, or corporate espionage. Simply deleting files is not enough – comprehensive data sanitization is required.

Contributes to the global pollution crisis.
The UN estimates that we’re generating nearly 5x as much e-waste now as we were a decade ago, with less than 20% formally recycled. Most is dumped in developing countries, exposing communities to toxins and piling up in hazardous waste sites.

Donate Tech. Empower People. Protect the Planet.

By donating your used tech to Human-I-T, you’re not just disposing of it, you’re transforming it into opportunities for underserved communities and taking a stand for our planet. 

Thanks to our technology donors, in 2023 we…



pounds of e-waste

from landfills




with essential technology

Real impact on real humans

Lives elevated by your donations

You’re only three easy steps away from doing something better with your e-waste than recycling it

(It’s the easiest way to protect the Earth – ever)

Schedule a Pickup: Let us know what tech you’re donating, and we’ll handle the rest. Don’t know how to prepare your used tech for arrival? Let us know! We can help.

Secure Data Destruction: We’ll ensure all your data is completely and securely erased.The certifications Human-I-T possesses ensures that our data destruction professionals collect, handle, transport, and and destroy your information while adhering to a strict chain of custody procedure, and that your data will be destroyed according to state and federal regulations that apply to your business.

Receive Verification: You’ll receive a Certificate of Data, Data Destruction Report, and Physical Crushing Reports, accounting for every device you donate. Because we understand that with all your other difficult job responsibilities, direct oversight of tech disposal shouldn’t have to be one of them.

Drive progress this Earth Month through your tech donations

Partner with us now and lead the way to not just a greener future, but a smarter, more connected world. Fill out the form below and tell us where YOUR company’s used tech goes to get started!