Featured Tech Recipient: Art Aguilar

Meet Art Aguilar, a 2016 recipient of our efforts to connect those with technology and access to online resources. We are proud to have made a positive impact on his life by providing human a computer to stay digitally connected. See below where Aguilar explains how grateful he is of our help and how he would like to volunteer his time to support our mission:

“I wanted to thank you once again for this opportunity. Since I got home, I have been able to communicate with my doctors and caseworkers. I am now able to return emails from my apartment. I think what you are doing is to be commended and I have made myself a promise to help in any and as many ways as I can. I spoke with my manager and he’s going to give me the computer hardware  in the stockroom. It’s a small token of my gratitude and I would like to volunteer my time if you need me again. I thank you and will continue to keep in touch.”

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