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human-I-T and MIDMRKT Team Up to Provide Laptops to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Scottsdale Arizona

Thanks to our partnership with MIDMRKT, we were able to provide the Boys & Girls Clubs of Scottsdale Arizona 20 laptops! MIDMRKT has been a recent but dedicated partner of ours, and they have shown that they care about making an impact in the local communities they come in contact with. Below is a quote from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Scottsdale explaining how these computers will make a difference. 

"We are grateful the laptops arrived when they did! We were able to utilize them as a mobile resource to help with our efforts to serve our families. After consulting with state and local officials and the healthcare community, we set up some of the laptops in each open Branch to serve as registration stations for staff and parents to sign in their kids.

The laptop donation provides us with the flexibility to be nimble and productive as we continue to serve our families during these uncertain times. Once health officials determine it is safe for us to reopen, we will be placing the laptops in various Branches for the kids to use. The timing of the donation of laptops couldn’t be better. When school reopens, Boys & Girls Club Scottsdale will help fill the academic gaps and provide additional support for families who face increased economic instability. The laptops will be a much-needed resource for our kids.

We plan to use the laptops as a Flex Computer Lab. We will base them in several Clubs with technology needs. If a particular Club is doing a special project, we will be able to expand their capacity by temporarily moving some of the computers to the location in need of additional resources.

As you can see, since receiving the laptops, we are using them to address many unexpected needs. Having a flexible resource available to deal with a very complicated and fluid situation has been extremely helpful.” -Boys & Girls Clubs of Scottsdale

Great stuff, right?! Do you want to know how you can make a difference? Donate here so we can help even more students. 


If you know anybody who could use affordable internet or a computer, please send them here where we have some computers as low as $55!

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