human-I-T Donates Technology to Low-Income, USC Clinic Patients

Angelica Campos, a MPH/MSW candidate at USC Keck School of Medicine, helped run a money management program for low-income patients in 2015. Below she described who human-I-T’s technology donation programs would help benefit at USC:

“The money management group I am creating is geared for helping my clinic patients who are of very low income and receiving SSI, medical, and government assistance. Our 7 session group begins in October 20, 2014. Around 10 participants are expected to be present. As an incentive for 5-10 participants who complete all group sessions, the computers will be awarded to those who faithfully complete the group and demonstrate financial mastery.

Group curriculum sessions include online budgeting, savings, debt reduction, reducing impulse purchases, and money management with limited incomes. A computer would tremendously help participants track online spending and online budgeting, credit card online tracking, as well as coupon searching.”

We are happy to have helped another group of deserving individuals, through our technology donations.

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