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How OneLegacy Donation Impacts Lives

Every day is an opportunity to make an impact in our local communities. OneLegacy understands this concept and has recently partnered with human-I-T to address a crucial issue: the digital divide. We recently received a donation of over 100 Lenovo laptops, 5 Dell laptops and 19 monitors from OneLegacy, in order to help more families get and stay connected in California. 

OneLegacy, a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization, serves families and saves lives via organ and tissue donations. As part of their mission statement their donation to human-I-T donation exemplifies its commitment to “comfort families and inspire our communities”.

Established in 1968, OneLegacy serves 20 million people in California, which includes over 200 hospitals and 11 transplant centers. Additionally, OneLegacy collaborates with multiple organizations and influencers such as the State of California, Organ Procurement Organizations and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. As of 2011 OneLegacy has established the OneLegacy Foundation to improve public education about organ, tissue and cornea donations to support patients and families through their journey.

human-I-T is very thankful to receive this donation and looks forward to working with OneLegacy in order to promote digital inclusion in our communities.

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