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Donation to Kyaw Thura of Rotary International

human-I-T & Rotary International (LA 5) recently facilitated a technology donation to 21-year-old Kyaw Thura. Mr. Thura is from a remote fishing village in the deep south of the Myanmar Delta region. Our CFO, Aaron Wilkins, was introduced to Mr. Thura and Mr. J.T. Warring (Rotary International’s Chief Diplomatic Representative since 2011) in early August, 2015. Rotary International has built a number of contributed Water Management Systems in the Myanmar region, with the direction of Mr. Warring.

After the deadly Cyclone Nargis leveled villages in Myanmar (including his families home), Kyaw made his way to the up-river island town and sub-regional seat of Mawlaminyegyun, where he joined the only hotel in town. Quickly promoted to clerk and then lead clerk, Kyaw met Mr. Warring, who then offered him a position to document Rotary’s efforts (via photo). Rotary senior staff chose Kyaw Thura out of four equally meritorious candidates, to come to the U.S. with Mr. Warring to study English. It was our pleasure to provide Kyaw with a laptop, to further increase Rotary’s efforts in Myanmar.

As human-I-T continues to look for international avenues to increase our impact, we love to spotlight amazing recipient stories like Mr. Thura’s.

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