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Every dollar raised helps humans in need.

We’ve created this fundraising campaign specifically to help those impacted by the cancellation of the ACP keep their internet access. So you can rest assured knowing every cent raised goes to the people who need it most.


For the cost of one large latte, one fast food meal, or one family dinner out a month, you can provide opportunities for underserved, marginalized people to make a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities.


Did you know that 1.3 billion children worldwide have no internet connection at home? 

This limits their access to education and even employment in today’s world, making them more apt to live in poverty. Your donation contributes to a better life for kids.


America’s least-connected counties have a 25% higher prevalence of obesity and a 41% higher prevalence of diabetes. Driving digital equity literally saves lives.

Employment Opportunities

80% of middle-skill jobs require digital proficiency. Job seekers without internet or digital skills are less likely to get and keep a job. They also tend to make significantly less money than their connected counterparts. Your help is vital to their success.

Want to donate cryptocurrency instead?

When you donate crypto to Human-I-T, we immediately convert your coins into contributions that ensure people in our communities have access to critical digital resources and can live free from the dangers of e-waste pollution.

Plus, you get some pretty sweet tax benefits when you donate cryptocurrency as opposed to donating cash.

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Want to make a donation on behalf of a company?

By supporting our efforts to empower people with access to technology, our corporate sponsors are demonstrating to their stakeholders that their commitments to environmental and social governance (ESG) are actually matched with bold action and, in the process, are building more resilient, engaging, and profitable brands.

Does that sound like your company? Click below to join our community of partners who are making our world a more sustainable, equitable place to live.

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Want to maximize your impact? Become a monthly donor.

Isolated investments lead to isolated impacts. Our monthly donors have already transformed thousands of lives by providing access to low-cost digital technology, affordable internet, and more.

Join our movement to grow your impact beyond your first donation.