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human-I-T Takes Data Security Very Seriously

Multiple Options for Every Type of Business

What is our Data Destruction Process?

Using industry standard software we completely wipe your data and issue you a certificate of data destruction with every donation.

Using a NIST 800-88 method, random data is written through the entirety of the drive destroying any recoverable data. The drive is then re-scanned to provide verification that all data has been destroyed.

The drive is erased to NIST 800-88 4 and 800-14 specifications. Our data destruction software wiping methods are compliant with the following international standards/laws: HIPAA, US Department of Defense 5220.22 M, US Army AR380-19, US Air Force 502, German VIST, Russian GOST p50739-9, Canadian OPS-II, HMG IS5 Baseline/Enhanced, Navso P-5329-26, NCSC-TG-025 & NSA 130-2, NIST 800-88

If your company policy is to keep your hard drives, don’t worry! We can still put all your technology to good use even if its broken or missing components.

Certificate of Destruction Policy
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With increased mandates for electronic record keeping, data security has become even more important for public companies and government entities.

Our data destruction software is compliant with the following laws:


Data Security for Health Plans, Health Care Clearinghouses, and Health Care Providers.


Data Security for Banks and Financial Institutions.


Data Security for Credit Institutions and Reporting Agencies.


Data Security for Federal Executive Branch Civilian Agencies.


Data Security for Private Sector Organizations and Commercial Activity.


Data Security for Public Companies and Financial Reporting.
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