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Unplugged and Left Behind

The stark impacts of the digital divide are evident in every corner of society…


According to the FCC, broadband access is a super determinant of health. A lack of access to the internet and personal devices results in lost days at work, lost time in the classroom, and missed connections that help us heal. 

That’s why, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Human-I-T donated tablets to UCLA Olive View Medical Center as well as 1,300 laptops to patients of the Detroit Health Department to access telehealth and stay connected to loved ones while remaining safe.


Not only are students with a computer 52% more likely to complete higher education, but those with a bachelors degree see an average earnings increase of between $220,000 to $415,000 over their career!

That’s why Human-I-T has supported students nationwide in places like Detroit, where 52,000 public school students received devices and ongoing technical support since 2020 to ensure they could thrive in and out of the classroom. 

Government Services & Benefits 

According to a recent survey, 93% of applicants to government assistance programs experienced difficulty applying for or accessing benefits simply due to the barriers associated with in-person applications and office visits. 

Thankfully, by providing access to low-cost devices and internet connections, Human-I-T helps remove those barriers. In fact, 57% of all Human-I-T device and internet recipients will access social services within 3 months of getting connected to personal technology.

Workforce Development 

Just to even get a job – let alone keep one or get a better one – workers need digital skills. In fact, the National Skills Coalition estimates that 92% of jobs now require digital skills – and that number is only growing. 

That’s why we’re proud to report that 1 out of 3 people who receive help from Human-I-T use their newfound connectivity to find work, open their own business, or upskill for a better position. 

Digital Equity: The cornerstone of social equity

Human-I-T works with government entities, community based organizations, foundations, and corporations to provide tools, skills, and knowledge
for a socially equitable future. We are nationwide leaders in executing programs that thoughtfully target the four pillars of digital inclusion. By providing…

Digital Literacy
Tech Support

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Partner with us to empower students with the digital tools they need to excel academically, explore their interests beyond the classroom, and build lifelong connections with peers. Your organization’s involvement can transform their educational journey.

Unhoused Individuals

In a country where a growing number of individuals are living without permanent shelter, facilitating quick and easy online access can be a critical step in helping those experiencing homelessness find their footing again. Your collaboration can be the difference that transitions them from the streets to stability.

Healthcare Patients

As the quality of healthcare increasingly depends on reliable internet connections, your organization’s involvement can ensure patients receive the technology they need to access vital healthcare resources and services, improving health outcomes across communities.

People with Disabilities

 Join us in breaking down digital barriers for disabled individuals, providing them with the tools they need to access opportunities and improve their quality of life. Your organization’s commitment can ensure that they have the digital tools and connectivity they need to unlock their potential.


 Nearly 2.7 million veterans are without internet access, hindering their ability to reach essential online mental health services. Your organization’s engagement can help bridge this gap, ensuring our nation’s veterans receive the support and care they deserve.

Low-Income Families

44% of families who make less than $30K a year lack internet access. Partnering with us not only supports a vision where every family, regardless of income, can access critical online opportunities but also empowers working families to improve their lives.

Rural Communities

With only 67% of rural households having broadband access, partnering with us to expand digital access can mitigate nearly $50 billion in annual economic losses for rural communities and ensure that people are not left behind just because of their zip code.


Seniors who go online for even 30 minutes per day are less likely to be lonely than those who don’t. By collaborating with us, your organization can help keep seniors connected, reducing loneliness and promoting a healthier, more active lifestyle in the digital age.

Help make digital equity a reality with Human-I-T

Together, we can ensure that everyone everywhere has an equal opportunity in a digitally equitable society. As an organization, we can do a lot, but we simply can’t make the impact we do without you.

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