Digital Navigation

The Key to Helping Individuals Unlock Their Full Potential

Human-I-T’s digital navigators assist individuals to determine the digital support services they need and  guide them towards the resources that are suited to their skills and lifestyle.

How Human-I-T’s Digital Navigators Promote Digital Equity

Our digital navigators are experts at compassionately guiding individuals through our full suite of in-house digital support services.

Here’s how we connect our community members to vital digital resources.

1. Assess an individual’s needs

After someone calls our helpline, our digital navigators will guide them through a series of short questions to understand their current needs, as well as their familiarity and comfortability with technology.

2. Advise them on available digital support services

After assessing an individual’s needs, our digital navigators advise them about our free or affordable devices and other digital support services, including assistance accessing low-cost internet, digital literacy training, and technical support.

In the event that an individual can benefit from services we don’t offer, we will connect them to one of our trusted, vetted digital inclusion partner organizations.

3. Assist them in acquiring digital resources and support

Once an individual has identified which digital resources or services they need, our digital navigators assist them with applying for the services they’d like to access.

4. Analyze their progress and follow-up

After an individual has been assisted, we track and manage their progress in fulfilling their connectivity needs. Follow up calls are made to ensure there are no other technical gaps that have arisen since our last touchpoint.

This level of support enables us to confidently guide thousands of people on their journey to become fully-connected digital citizens.

To learn how Human-I-T’s digital navigators can empower people in your community to take full advantage of technology, contact