human-I-T accepts donations of all size and shapes, whether in the form of technology or monetary contributions.

family computer recipient

Donate Technology

Why Donate TECHNOLOGY to human-I-T?

  • FREE pick up of your unwanted technology
  • Technology is given a second life to help those in need
  • Technology recipients DO NOT have to volunteer to receive technology
  • Recipients are not charged for equipment
Donate Tech
When will I be contacted?
May I write off my donation?
What items do we accept?
What is our data destruction process?
What pickup or shipping options do we offer?

Donate Money

Discover How Your Donation Improves Lives

Your donation will change the life of a low-income family by connecting them to computer hardware, internet, and digital training.

With your help, we can open the door to opportunity for those who need it most.

  • $20 ESTABLISHES a first-time internet connection for someone-in-need
  • $50 ENHANCES LEARNING by providing a low-income person with a fully refurbished computer
  • $100 CONNECTS families with a mobile hotspot so they can access the internet on-the-go.
Donate Funds