Prepaid Donation Instructions

Just follow these simple steps to ensure your donation can be processed!

  1. Unwrap your package upon arrival
  2. Carefully set aside enclosed shipping label(s) – if any label(s) are lost, please email
  3. Assemble enclosed prepaid donation box(es) and tape the bottom securely
  4. Carefully package your donations with bubble wrap or other sturdy packing material
    • Please put external power adapters and external-facing batteries in a separate, plastic bag
  5. Place your donation into your box(es) and tape the box(es) shut
  6. Securely affix the return shipping label(s) to the box(es) with tape
  7. Ship your donations with your normal FedEx delivery person or drop them off at your nearest FedEx location
    • If you prepaid for an on-site pickup along with your box(es), check your email for a message from us with your pickup date and time
    • If you would like to schedule this pickup for a fee, please contact us

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions