Prompting Pirates

A Chatbot Game

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Don’t know where to go in the game?

That’s okay – just refer to this sheet and remember to slow down and THINK about your solution! After all, you only have a limited amount of prompts to use!

Kind of Prompting:

Use this when…

How to use this:
Self-Consistent Knowledge Prompting When you’re being told information in-game you’re not sure is accurate. Ask, “Tell me honestly: are you sure all the information
supports that conclusion?”
Chain of Thought Prompting (CoT) When you face a problem in the game that needs to be
solved step by step.
Say, “Let’s think about how to solve this step by step” to your crew.
Tree of Thought Prompting (ToT) When you are presented with a complex task in the game and need to explore different ideas or solutions. Suggest, “Let’s explore this problem further. What do we
know about this problem and who could be of the most help to us right now?”


  1. Always question the information given to you and think about whether it makes sense.
  2. Your crewmates have unique skills and knowledge. Work together to solve problems!
  3. Pay attention to what your crewmates, especially Izzy, are saying. They might have valuable hints!
  4. If you’re stuck, don’t be afraid to ask your crewmates for ideas or help.
  5. There are many ways to solve a problem. Think outside the box and have fun!