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By. Michael Condra

Don’t have another boring weekend. Read up on the biggest changes in technology and science will keep you informed and prepared for any future opportunities. 

MIT Tech Review

MIT Tech Review is one of the most sophisticated technology review websites around. It features well known articles from scientists, engineers, computer programmers and CEO’s from well known companies. Since its inception in 1899, it filters knowledgeable information with in-depth analysis about technology and science. Some of their most interesting topics cover artificial intelligence, connectivity, sustainable energy and 10 Breakthrough Technologies. It’s definitely worth reading everyday of week.

Digital Trends

Digital Trends (DT) prides itself as one of “leading source of tech news to the most influential customers on the planet.” After it was founded in 2006, DT covers a variety of topics including product reviews, technology trends, video coverage and the best deals that you should consider. Their most popular topics cover cool tech as well as emerging tech and how it will impact your environment.


Here is a unique newsletter that covers how technology can impact communities by helping others with technology donations. After realizing the impact that refurbished technology can have, Gabe Middleton and James Jack set out to connect the most vulnerable communities with computer and internet access. Started in 2012, human-I-T focuses on bridging the digital divide for low-income families, youth, veterans and people with disabilities with refurbished computers. In addition, it features impact stories with recipient testimonials, digital inclusion trends, technology reviews and how-to refurbishment process. It transforms our linear products into reusable resources for E-waste management and opportunities for families.


Wired offers a careful mix of technology and current news media that strikes science, security and design. Articles range from “If You Want To Glimpse The Power of AI, Play These Games,”  to  “The Oral History of The #Hashtag” in a thoughtful description.  It takes the story format and makes a deep and exciting read for your interests.


Futurism delves into witty info-graphics and image populated stories that captures curious minded technology enthusiasts. If you’re interested about future society or how robots and machines will greatly benefit civilization (or annihilate us) then check out how AR tablets will change education. Or read about how low cost jet engines will reach space without burning fossils fuels. It’s by far one of the most compelling newsletters to subscribe to.

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