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Don’t have another boring weekend. There’s too much cool stuff to be reading and learning about right now. Especially when it comes to technology. Get the “must-know” information about new technology sent straight to your inbox by subscribing to a technology or computer newsletter. After all, reading up on the biggest changes in technology and science will keep you informed and prepared for any future opportunities.

MIT Tech Review

MIT Tech Review is one of the most sophisticated technology review websites around. Really, it should be called the MIT tech blog because that’s how it reads – like a blog. Since beginning in 1899, it’s combined practical information with in-depth looks at technology and science. Some of their most interesting topics cover artificial intelligence, connectivity, and sustainable energy. It’s definitely a top contender for reading with your morning coffee before work.

Digital Trends

Digital Trends (DT) prides itself as a “leading source of tech news to the most influential customers on the planet”- and for good reason. Since 2006, they’ve covered a variety of topics including new products, technology trends, and special retail deals. Not only that, but they also do a great job of covering how cool, emerging tech will impact our environment which we love. If you care about taking the environment into account when making new purchases, this is definitely the computer newsletter for you.

The Monthly Plug by Human-I-T

Here is a unique newsletter that covers how to empower under-resourced communities with technology by protecting the environment. 

Started in 2012, Human-I-T’s Monthly Plug highlights stories of how Human-I-T and its ecosystem of like-minded corporate donors and organizational partners use technology to make our world a sustainable, equitable place to live. 

It also features impact stories with recipient testimonials, the latest news about digital inclusion trends, technology reviews and an inside look at how the nation’s most impactful digital inclusion non-profit operates.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about how anyone can leverage digital technology to create social impact, this is the newsletter for you.


Wired offers a careful mix of technology and current news media that discusses the intersection of science, security and design.

Article topics range from serious reviews of the current state of artificial intelligence technology to more silly stories like the oral history of the hashtag. Seriously – at this point it’d be hard to think of a topic they haven’t written on.

If you’re looking for an eclectic collection of science and technology related stories written from a variety of sources, then definitely give Wired a look.


Futurism’s newsletter is defined by witty info-graphics and image populated stories that capture the attention of curious-minded technology enthusiasts everywhere. The nice thing about Futurism’s website – actually, Futurism’s website as a whole – is the breadth of topics they cover. 

You can find articles ranging from general discussions on future society, to how artificial reality tablets will revolutionize education (for better or worse), to how jet engines will reach space without burning fossil fuels

For us, it’s one of the most compelling newsletters we subscribe to because it fills us with amazement at how technology might continue to impact us in the future.

Of course, we temper this excitement with the recognition that technology already affects us right now. Right now, having access to technology is the difference between being able to participate in the digital economy or not being able to.

That’s why, after we’re done reading our favorite tech newsletter or computer newsletter, we get back to diverting e-waste from landfills and distributing technology to people who need them. 


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