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In the 21st century, you need a computer to do just about anything. Pursuing an education, finding and training for new job opportunities, or even just connecting with friends and family; all of them require a computer and internet connection.

It’s clear that access to information and technology empowers people to achieve their fullest potential. That’s why we at Human-I-T believe access to technology is a right, not a privilege, and why we work to bridge the digital divide.

This starts by ensuring everyone has access to a high-quality personal device. Without access to a device, people can’t even begin to do things they want to do online. That’s why we empower low-income families with low-cost computers that have been donated and refurbished by us. 

Of course, in order for individuals to fully take advantage of their new devices, they need to be able to get online. That’s why we provide connections to low-income internet plans in their local areas, no matter where they are, for as little as $14.99 per month

To qualify to shop at our HITConnect store and get a low-cost computer or low-cost internet, all you need is proof of low-income status. We accept many forms of proof for low-income, such as: 

  • SNAP / EBT (CalFresh)
  • Medi-Cal / Medicaid
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
  • NSLP (National School Lunch Program)
  •  Energy Assistance Programs (CARE)

For additional methods to prove your eligibility, click here

Of course, not everyone will qualify to receive one of our donated devices through our HITConnect store. However, we don’t want money to ever be an obstacle to people being able to uncover new opportunities and unlock their full potential.

That’s why we also offer a range of personal, low-cost computers and computer accessories through our public eBay store! There, one can find desktop computers for less than $100 and laptops for less than $150! We then ensure every new user is set up for success by offering a 1-year warranty and 1-year of free tech support with an option to add Microsoft Office for only $15!

We also offer our low-cost devices and low-income internet plans to nonprofits and other organizations as well! Community-based organizations see firsthand how the digital divide creates immense barriers for people to achieve their full potential. Our store aims to empower people served by other organizations with the tools they need to take full advantage of those organizations’ programs and make a positive impact on our world. 

To learn more about how we work with other organizations to provide low-income people with access to technology, click here.

We know. All of this seems like a huge undertaking, but it’s so necessary. 

If we’re going to inspire the next generation to lead with purpose, we must start by ensuring all low-income households have reliable access to computers and the internet. 

It’s our belief that, by cultivating digital equity through this work, we can drive sustainable and just opportunities for all people, organizations, and our planet to thrive. 


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