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Our mission is to inspire and empower people through technology and information to achieve their full potential. One of the primary ways we empower people is by giving them access to affordable technology, which will allow them to change their lives for the better. We do this by refurbishing technology that was donated to us and providing it to low-income families at a low-cost.

At our store, you can buy desktop computers for as low as $55 and laptops for as little as $75! For every computer you purchase, we also provide a 1-year warranty AND 1-year of free tech support with an option to add Microsoft Office for only $15!

However, we know that a computer without internet is not very useful in this age. That is why we also offer affordable high-speed internet for only $14.99 a month.  

To qualify to shop at our store, all you need is proof of low-income status. We accept many forms of low-income proof, such as: 

  • SNAP / EBT (CalFresh)
  • Medi-Cal / Medicaid
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
  • NSLP (National School Lunch Program)
  •  Energy Assistance Programs (CARE)
  • For additional methods to prove your eligibility click here

Our low-cost devices are not only for individuals but for nonprofits as well! We know first hand how difficult it can be for nonprofits to get the resources they need, especially when first starting. Our store aims to address the needs of fellow organizations, also trying to create a positive impact and change in the world. 

We are here to provide opportunities where there typically aren’t. We don’t want money to be a reason why a child can’t complete their homework, a mother can’t apply for a job, or a grandparent can get their medication online. That is why we offer this opportunity to people who need it.

Why buy a brand new computer when you could buy a refurbished one at less than half the price? Visit and see the opportunities that are waiting for you.

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