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By. Michael Condra

The Alliance for Technology Refurbishing a Reuse (AFTRR) has partnered with human-I-T to bridge the digital divide. AFTRR is a project of the National Cristina Foundation, which promotes reuse of technology for people with disabilities, students at risk and disadvantaged people to live independent lives. AFTRR builds a community of technology refurbishers through collaboration, advocacy and promotion of best practices. Working with AFTRR will expand the missions of both organizations by providing technology for those in need.

The National Cristina Foundation was founded in 1984 by Yvette Marrin and David Bruce McMahan. AFTRR strengthens the National Cristina Foundation’s mission by “establishing a usefulness for technology with reference to technology training, communication, and general support for assisting individuals with special needs to lead more independent and productive lives.”

human-I-T looks forward to collaborating with AFTRR on the best practices for the promotion and advocacy of technology to bridge the digital divide.

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