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Best Buy & human-I-T Creating Career Opportunities Together!

We often talk about how we create opportunities for people. Usually, it is surrounding initiatives such as how we help low-income families get access to hardware, low-cost internet, or computer literacy. But we also provide career opportunities and training, giving people the tools to better themselves. and it is only possible with support from organizations like Best Buy.

We have been partnering with Best Buy for three years now. Their financial support has helped us empower youth with vocational training for volunteers and interns to learn valuable STEM skills and technical know-how to learn how to repair and refurbish hardware along with other IT skills. These skills not only are marketable and lucrative but the demand for which is only projected to grow. Our program offers students their first step into the stem field and they gain an understanding of the types of careers that exist and are open to them.

Additionally, the human-I-T warehouse is incredibly diverse; over 75% of staff members are persons of color. The STEM field has historically struggled with a lack of diverse representation. We strive to resist this notion. Our staff serves as role models to underrepresented students, allowing youth to see people like themselves in the field.

To date, we have graduated over 100 individuals from our vocational training program at absolutely no cost to them. Some have gone on to jobs at Snapchat, Epson, and SpaceX. We have even gone on to invite several graduates onto our own team. 

We don’t see the potential for this program slowing down any time soon, and with the very generous support from Best Buy, we will be able to make it grow bigger and help even more people find their opportunities in life.

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