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In today’s digital age, the right technology can dramatically amplify a nonprofit’s impact by empowering its staff and the communities it serves. But buying laptops for nonprofits, especially in bulk, requires a lot of time and effort.

This guide will walk you through key considerations when buying laptops to ensure your technology investments translate directly into enhanced capabilities for your nonprofit and improved outcomes for your constituents. We’ll explore how factors like performance, durability, and security can be tailored to meet the unique needs of the people you support.

Whether you’re equipping students with resources for education, providing job seekers with tools for employment, or enabling remote access to vital services, the right laptop can be a gateway to opportunity. Let’s dive into how to make informed choices that align with your mission and maximize your nonprofit’s ability to create positive change. And how to make buying laptops for your nonprofit a little bit easier.

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Key Considerations When Buying Laptops for Nonprofits

When selecting laptops for your nonprofit’s programs, the focus should be on how these devices can unlock the full potential of the people you serve. Let’s explore how different laptop features can transform lives and create opportunities.


The right laptop can be a gateway to education, employment, and personal growth for your constituents. Budget constraints may keep you from buying laptops for your nonprofit team or your community. Consider refurbished laptops from trusted sources like Human-I-T. These affordable options can help you extend your reach, putting technology into more hands and opening doors that might otherwise remain closed.

Example: A refurbished laptop could enable a single parent to take online courses, improving their job prospects and family’s future.


Choosing laptops with robust processors (like Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5) and ample RAM (8GB or more) is critical to maximize your laptops’ usefulness to your team and the people you serve. These specs allow them to run educational software, create digital art, or learn coding without frustrating slowdowns.

Example: A teen in your youth program could use a powerful laptop to edit videos for their college application, showcasing their creativity and technical skills.


Lightweight laptops with long battery life can turn any location into a learning space or mobile office. This flexibility is crucial for people on your team or in your community who may not have a dedicated workspace at home or need to balance multiple responsibilities.

Example: A job seeker could take their laptop to a library or café to apply for jobs or attend virtual interviews without worrying about finding an outlet.


Laptops go lots of places! Which means durability is important when buying laptops for nonprofits. Sturdy laptops mean your team and community members can focus on their goals without fear of damaging a vital tool. Features like reinforced hinges and spill-resistant keyboards provide peace of mind and consistent access to resources.

Example: A student in an after-school program can confidently carry their laptop to and from sessions, knowing it can withstand the rigors of daily use.


As you probably know, your clients have plenty of sensitive data to deal with, so security features are a must. Fingerprint readers, facial recognition, and two-factor authentication add an extra layer of protection, ensuring that only authorized users can access their devices. Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support is another feature to look out for, as it helps safeguard their data from prying eyes.


Good connectivity features allow your team and constituents to access online resources, participate in virtual communities, and stay connected with support networks.  Wi-Fi 6 or 6E ensures speedy, reliable wireless connectivity. But an Ethernet port or adapter gives them the option to plug in for maximum stability. 

And don’t forget about ports – USB-C, USB-A, and HDMI are the holy trinity for connecting peripherals and external displays.


High-quality displays help reduce eye strain that your constituents might face during long stints using their device. For portability, 13″ to 15″ screens hit the sweet spot, while 17″ models are ideal for desktop replacements. Aim for a resolution of at least 1080p for crisp visuals that won’t strain the eyes.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Ergonomic keyboards and responsiveness are necessities for anyone spending significant time on their laptop. These features can prevent discomfort and repetitive strain injuries, allowing your constituents to focus on their work or studies. Look for models with well-spaced keys, decent key travel, and accurate touchpads that make navigation a breeze.

By carefully considering these factors, you’ll be able to put the right technology in the hands of your team or constituents so they can accomplish their mission! As you explore laptops for nonprofits, remember that each feature has the potential to remove a barrier or create an opportunity for the people you serve.

Where to Find the Best Laptops for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Laptops and Technology Discount Programs

When it comes to stretching your nonprofit’s budget, technology discount programs are a hidden treasure map. These programs are designed specifically to help organizations like yours access top-notch tech that fits your community’s needs at prices that won’t break the bank.

1. Human-I-T’s Non-Profit Gold Membership

Gone are the days of settling for subpar technology. With Human-I-T’s Non-Profit Gold Membership, your nonprofit can equip its community with top-notch devices for anywhere between 40-60% off typical retail prices for laptops from brands like Apple, Lenovo, Dell, and more! 

But Human-I-T doesn’t stop at providing hardware. They’ve got your back with a comprehensive 25-point certification process, ensuring every device is primed to make a difference. And should any hiccups occur, their 1-year warranty and dedicated tech support have you covered.

Worried about finding the right fit for your nonprofit’s needs? Fear not. Human-I-T’s team of experts is at your service, ready to guide you through the selection process. We’ll help you navigate the sea of options, from budget-friendly refurbished models to cutting-edge new releases.

Time is of the essence when it comes to empowering your nonprofit. That’s why Human-I-T also offers expedited processing and shipping for nonprofit orders. No more waiting weeks on end for crucial equipment to arrive.

Flexibility is key, and Human-I-T gets that. Our payment plans adapt to your nonprofit’s financial situation, making buying laptops for your nonprofit and investing in your community’s future easier than ever. And with bulk discounts available, you can extend your reach even further.

Imagine the possibilities: digital artists showcasing their work on vivid displays, job seekers acing virtual interviews with reliable connections, or seniors staying connected with loved ones through user-friendly interfaces. These aren’t just scenarios—they’re real opportunities that Human-I-T’s Gold Membership can help create for people in your community…and your team! 

2. TechSoup Laptops for Nonprofits

TechSoup is the eHarmony of nonprofit tech. It operates as a unique nonprofit technology marketplace, offering both donated and discounted hardware and software to eligible organizations. Their model works by partnering with tech companies to provide products at steep discounts – often 50% or more off retail prices. 

Nonprofits consistently praise TechSoup for its user-friendly platform and diverse catalog, which includes everything from office software to cloud services and refurbished hardware. However, some users note that popular items can sell out quickly, and eligibility requirements can be strict. Despite these challenges, many nonprofits find TechSoup invaluable for stretching their tech budgets and accessing tools that would otherwise be out of reach.

3. Microsoft for Nonprofits

Microsoft’s nonprofit program offers a robust suite of resources tailored specifically for charitable organizations. Eligible nonprofits can access free or heavily discounted licenses for essential tools like Office 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure cloud services. 

For hardware, the program provides special pricing on Surface devices, though the discounts may not be as steep as some refurbished options. Users particularly appreciate the seamless integration of Microsoft’s software ecosystem and the advanced security features included in their nonprofit packages. However, some smaller organizations report that navigating the eligibility process and managing licenses can be complex. Despite this, many nonprofits find significant value in Microsoft’s comprehensive offerings, especially those already invested in the Windows environment.

Refurbished Laptop Providers

Refurbished laptops are the unsung heroes of the nonprofit world. These pre-owned devices are rigorously tested, spruced up, and given a new lease on life, offering top performance at a fraction of the cost of brand-new models. They also make bulk purchases, like buying laptops for nonprofits, obtainable.

1. Human-I-T’s Refurbished Laptops

Human-I-T offers nonprofits access to high-quality, affordable technology through the Human-I-T Online Store. This store offers refurbished laptops for nonprofits that are 40-60% less expensive than retail prices, with additional bulk discounts available for nonprofits. Each device undergoes a rigorous 25-point certification process and comes with a 1-year warranty and tech support.

With a focus on empowering nonprofits, Human-I-T aims to provide quality products in the quantities you need, when you need them, so you can focus on executing your mission rather than worrying about technology constraints.

2.Dell Refurbished:

Dell Financial Services offers high-quality refurbished Dell laptops, desktops, and accessories through their Dell Refurbished Store. These systems are off-lease computers returned by corporate customers, carefully selected for refurbishment. Dell Refurbished emphasizes sustainability, contributing to Dell Technologies’ Circular Economy by extending the life cycle of tech equipment and reducing e-waste. Customers appreciate the combination of value and reliability, with many systems available at significant discounts compared to new models.

3. Apple Certified Refurbished

Apple’s refurbishment process is renowned for its thoroughness. Every Apple Certified Refurbished product undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process, including full functional testing and cleaning. These devices come with genuine Apple replacement parts as needed, new batteries for iOS devices, and a new outer shell. All products are packaged in brand new white boxes and include all necessary accessories and cables. Apple backs these products with their standard one-year limited warranty and offers the option to purchase AppleCare for extended coverage.

4. Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed offers a wide range of pre-owned, refurbished, and open-box products, including laptops from various brands. These products are professionally inspected and tested to work and look like new by Amazon-qualified suppliers. Amazon Renewed products come with the Amazon Renewed Guarantee, which allows for replacements or refunds within 90 days if you’re not satisfied. The products are categorized into four conditions: Premium, Excellent, Good, and Acceptable, each with specific criteria for cosmetic condition and functionality.

Buying Tips When Purchasing Laptops for Nonprofits

Before you take the plunge and hit that “buy” button, there are a few crucial factors to keep in mind:

Compare Prices and Specs

Don’t just go for the cheapest option. Make sure you’re getting the specs the people in your community need at a price that fits your budget. Take the time to compare models across different providers to find the best bang for your buck.

Check Warranty and Return Policies

Even with trusted providers, buying laptops for nonprofits—especially in bulk—things can sometimes go awry. Look for laptops with a solid warranty (aim for at least 1 year) and a clear, fair return policy. This way, your constituents Are covered if anything goes wrong down the line.

Verify Nonprofit Eligibility

Before applying for technology discounts or refurbished laptops, ensure your organization meets these common criteria:

  1. 501(c)(3) Status: Most programs require proof of current 501(c)(3) status under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.
  2. Educational Institutions: Accredited academic or vocational institutions typically qualify.
  3. Preschools: Must provide educational services to at least ten children and have been operational for a minimum of one year.
  4. Administrative Offices: Eligible if they’re district, regional, state, or national administrative offices for educational institutions, or if they exclusively provide administrative support for educational purposes.
  5. Public Museums: Should be organized primarily for educational or aesthetic purposes, have a professional or volunteer staff, own or use real objects, and exhibit them regularly to the public.
  6. Community Organizations: Some programs have specific requirements for community-based organizations, so check individual provider criteria.

Remember, eligibility doesn’t guarantee approval, and requirements may vary between providers. Always verify your organization’s eligibility directly with the program or supplier before proceeding with any purchase or application.

Nonprofit Tech Maintenance, Security, and Future Planning

Today’s nonprofits must craft a comprehensive strategy that transforms these devices into powerful tools for change. Let’s explore how to create a dynamic tech ecosystem that amplifies your mission and empowers those you serve.

Proper Setup and Configuration

Imagine handing a painter a blank canvas without brushes or paints. That’s what an unconfigured laptop is to your community members. And it’s setting your team up for confusion and complications. The real magic happens during setup. Tailor each device to unleash its full potential for your specific programs. Whether it’s installing specialized software for budding graphic designers or setting up accessibility features for users with disabilities, customization is key.

Don’t forget the power of cloud solutions. By leveraging nonprofit-specific platforms like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, you’re opening up a world of collaborative possibilities. Picture a group of aspiring writers in your community program, seamlessly sharing and editing their work in real-time, no matter where they are.

Regular Maintenance and Updates

A well-maintained laptop is like a reliable friend – always there when you need it. Empower your users with the knowledge to keep their digital companions in top shape. Create engaging tutorials that turn mundane tasks like software updates and disk cleanups into opportunities for learning. Why not gamify the process? A monthly “Tech Tune-Up Challenge” could incentivize good habits while building digital literacy.

Remember, physical care matters too. A laptop caked in dust and grime isn’t just unsightly – it’s a performance killer. Teach proper cleaning techniques as part of a broader lesson on respecting and valuing technology. This mindset shift can have ripple effects far beyond the devices themselves.

Staff Training on Cybersecurity Best Practices

In our interconnected world, cybersecurity is a critical life skill. Transform your approach to security training. Instead of dry lectures, consider interactive scenarios that put your community members in the driver’s seat. Role-playing exercises where participants spot phishing attempts in real-time can be both educational and entertaining.

Go beyond passwords and into the realm of digital identity. Teach the concept of an online “footprint” and how to manage it responsibly. This knowledge is invaluable for job seekers, students, and anyone navigating the digital landscape. By framing cybersecurity as personal empowerment, you’ll see engagement soar.

Planning for Future Upgrades and Replacements

Technology evolves at breakneck speed, but your nonprofit can ride the wave instead of being swept away. Create a “Tech Think Tank” within your organization, bringing together staff, volunteers, and even tech-savvy community members. This group can become your eyes and ears in the digital world, spotting trends and opportunities that align with your mission.

Don’t just plan for replacements – dream big. Could emerging technologies like virtual reality open up new avenues for your programs? Perhaps AI-powered language tools could break down barriers for ESL learners in your community. By fostering a culture of innovation, you’ll attract forward-thinking partners and volunteers eager to contribute their expertise.

Remember, the goal isn’t to chase every shiny new gadget. It’s about strategically adopting technologies that amplify your impact. By taking this holistic approach, you’re not just providing laptops – you’re building a launchpad for dreams, ambitions, and transformative change in your community.

Choose the Right Laptops for Nonprofits, Change Lives

Forget the notion that technology is just a means to an end. In the hands of a visionary nonprofit, it becomes a force multiplier, amplifying your impact in ways you’ve yet to imagine. 

Picture this: A seamlessly integrated tech ecosystem where every device, from the executive director’s laptop to the tablet used in after-school programs, hums with purpose. Each click, swipe, and keystroke propels your mission forward, breaking down barriers and opening doors that once seemed impenetrable.

But here’s the kicker – this future isn’t some far-off dream. It’s within reach, waiting for you to grasp it with Human-I-T’s Non-Profit Gold Membership.

So, what’s your next move? Will you continue to let budget constraints dictate the limits of your impact? Or will you let us help seize this moment and rewrite the rules of what’s possible for your community?

Don’t just upgrade your technology – upgrade your entire approach to creating change by filling out the form below. A Human-I-T representative will get in touch with you to discuss your non-profit’s specific needs and help you create a plan to empower your community with the right types of devices for their goals. With Human-I-T by your side, your community won’t just keep pace with the digital age – they’ll shape it.

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