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America has always been known as the Land of Opportunity, and we stand with those who are on the front lines of making sure opportunity truly is available to all, regardless of race, age, gender, or any other demographic. In the digital age, opportunity is inextricably intertwined with access to the digital world. At human-I-T, we fight for opportunity through our commitment to closing the digital divide. 

Digital access rates are significantly lower amongst communities of color across the country when compared to their white counterparts. Access to technology allows people to find employment, gain an education, connect with loved ones, and access vital information about community and health services, current events, and more. Without digital access, communities of color and other disadvantaged or low-income sectors of the population are denied the countless opportunities that exist exclusively online. 

This year more than ever, our country’s founding values are being called into question. Here at human-I-T, we have dedicated ourselves to making right by our country’s tagline, and extending opportunity to underserved communities by committing to close the digital divide. Through our work, we hope to extend access to opportunities in education, employment, health, and self-determination to all. 

However you choose to spend your Fourth of July, human-I-T wishes you a safe, happy, and connected day. 


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