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Every week we like to look back at everything we have read to bring you more information about the digital divide, digital inclusion and technology trends from around the web. Today on The Weekly Plug we look at how Kansas is visualizing the digital divide with new software, how Shyp is helping close the digital divide with human-I-T and how to protect yourself while using public WIFI in this edition of The Weekly Plug.

Visualize Kansas City’s Digital DIvide

Understanding how the digital divide effects communities is an enormous task, but thanks to new software we can now visualize it in a clear way. “Connectivity is a foundational component of neighborhood stabilization and economic mobility,” Usher said. “Digital equity is the infrastructure underneath job creation, education and entrepreneurship – digital citizenship initiatives are really going to help increase people’s chances of economic mobility.”

How Shyp Is Helping human-I-T

Being partners with Shyp has helped us reach more people and safely deliver their items damage free. Dropping our damage rate from “5%” to less than “1%” insure that computers are reach their destination. Watch the video in the link above!

How To Protect Yourself With Public WIFI

The luxury of public WIFI has it’s benefits, but there are also dangers of using an open network that is’t password or firewall protected. Using free WIFI spots are becoming more prone to hacking and cyber attacks as we recently witnessed with the Ransomware attacks in May 2017. Read how to protect yourself in an open WIFI network.

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