What does your donation provide?

  • $25 helps a family get connected to the internet for the first time
  • $50 equips a low-income household with a fully refurbished computer, complete with Microsoft Word & Windows 10
  • $100 connects a family with a new mobile hotspot so they can access the internet wherever they may be
  • $500 connects TEN households with computers, just in time for the holidays

Quotes from our technology recipients

"I am able to receive discounts on my accounts for making payments online. I can easily access my bank accounts and avoid fees. My child uses it to further his education. I am able to job hunt and submit applications. I'm able to submit documentation. And I am able to connect to social media."


  • 86,000 lbs of e-waste diverted from landfills every month.
  • We've worked with almost 300 corporations to refurbish and donate their e-waste.
  • We've giving 604 tax deductions and counting!