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Currently, millions of Americans are being asked to stay home. While this may not be a significant inconvenience for some, for low-income families that do not have a computer or internet at home, it can have substantial consequences. As a nonprofit whose goals are to provide low-income families with affordable computers and internet, we felt we must redouble our efforts to support those who need it most. We want to ensure that, during these challenging times, a child will be able to attend school from home virtually, a parent can search for work, or a grandparent can order medication from the safety of their home.

human-I-T CEO, Gabe Middleton, stated, These current health concerns have exposed and exacerbated the digital haves and have nots in society. Most assume, in this day and age, everybody has access to computers and internet at home, but this is just not the case. Families that were already struggling to keep up in today’s growing digital world are now being left behind faster than ever. If you or anybody you know needs affordable access to internet and a computer, contact us.”

human-I-T has several initiatives to help provide resources to low-income households during this health crisis:

  • Our store sells computers for as low as $55 for individuals with proof of low-income status
  • We are currently hosting a fundraiser to provide internet hotspots so students can study from home
  • human-I-T will also guide people to find the best low-cost internet solution for them. For assistance, please fill out the form here or text us at 562-372-6925 

About human-I-T: We are confronting two looming problems that exist in the digital age: One, 82 million Americans lack access to a computer & broadband in their home, and two, 150,000 computers are thrown away in the United States every day. We brought these two problems together to create one solution, a social enterprise that: Takes in excess technology as a service, repurposes and redistributes to underserved communities, provides access to affordable broadband internet, and offers free digital literacy training.

If you wish to get in contact with us to learn more please contact us via email:

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Stay safe!


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