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By. Michael Condra

At one of our recent OurCycle LA , events we had an opportunity to meet with different community members to talk about the digital divide and distribute refurbished technology to those in need. The digital divide is an ongoing social issue that separates people who lack access to a computer and the internet. At the same time there is the growing issue of E-waste that is putting pressure on landfills and leaking toxic chemicals into our communities and the environment. This event focuses on every aspect of this by receiving donated technology, refurbishing it and distributing it to families and individuals who need it the most while diverting E-waste away from landfills.

After the event, we heard back from a lot of attendees who appreciate what we’re doing. One in particular, Mehrin Rahman, who works as a Senior Communications Deputy for LA City Council member Paul Krekorian, was so inspired by the event she decided to make a personal technology donation of her own:

“Greater access to technology for everyone is very important in today’s fast-evolving digital world. Knowing that my donation, however small, might have a positive impact on someone’s access to education and information, or go to a community that needs it, is reason enough to donate,” she said. As much as we enjoy helping others we enjoy hearing about others in our community giving back as well. How we encourage others to give back she said “the best way to inspire others to do the same is to lead by example and share how easy it is to donate your old computers and laptops or other devices, and the work human-i-t is doing to re-purpose E-waste. I hope we can encourage everyone to take that step as well.”

Thank you Mehrin. Lets continue working together and inspire everyone in our community to give back and close the digital divide.

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