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By. Michael Condra

human-I-T and the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) have partnered together to work on bridging the digital divide in low-income communities. The NDIA works tirelessly to ensure that every individual and community has access to information and communications technologies. The NDIA achieves this by:

1.) building regional and national organizations of advocates and supporters,

2.) Engage with partners to develop or identify local, state and federal policies that strengthen broadband adoption programs.

3) Keep affiliates informed about the current impact of local broadband adoption programs.

4.) Engage with affiliates and national partners to create new philanthropic and corporate digital inclusion partnerships and

5.) Support the development of research and evaluation that can inform public policy and digital inclusion programs.

human-I-T is proud to be working closely with the NDIA and move forward to ensure everyone has equal access to technology.

More information: Read more about our programs.

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