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We have come a long way since Gabe and James founded human-I-T with less than a thousand dollars between them. From that humble beginning in 2012, human-I-T has grown into an organization employing over 75 people and helping thousands of people get connected to computers, internet, and digital literacy training. 

2019 was a record year for human-I-T in almost every metric. We have taken in more E-Waste and given out more laptops, than all our previous six years of operation combined! One of our flagship achievements was partnering with the city of LA to give away four thousand computers to low-income community college freshmen! Last year we almost doubled our subscriptions of low-income families to broadband internet compared to the previous year. We also launched our digital literacy program, now addressing the third leg in the stool of digital inclusion.

Here is a quick look at human-I-T by the numbers:

  • 2.3 million pounds of E-Waste diverted from landfills
  • 2,707 households connected to home broadband internet
  • 97 people trained in digital literacy
  • 1,500 technology donations received
  • 57,900 pieces of technology repurposed

Looking back, it has taken a lot of continuous learning and improvement to get to this point. We had to face many problems head-on, examining them honestly, transparently, and always striving to seek the best answer possible. This process is challenging for many people, but the driven human-I-T staff has accepted it wholeheartedly, checking egos at the door to get things done.

2019 was a fantastic year for human-I-T. Now, stay tuned for all the tremendous things that we have coming in 2020!


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