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The events of the past week are deeply disheartening and concerning, and remind us how much work there is to do in creating a society that is just for all. Our hearts go out to the Black community. human-I-T is committed to taking a stand for what we believe in; creating opportunities for our world to become more inclusive, sustainable and bold.

Like many, these events lead us to reflect on what we stand for and the future that we work to create. human-I-T has a set of core values that serve as a daily reminder to guide our organization. These are values that we want to share with the world, to see more of in day to day life.

Here are a few of these values that feel especially relevant now: 

Perspective & Collaboration

We understand that each of us has one life made up of infinite unique experiences that form our individual viewpoints. It is impossible for us to all have the same experiences, and so we must listen to the perspectives of others, and consider those perspectives along with our own, to form a full and cohesive narrative. When those with different perspectives collaborate, it allows for a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Solutions born from the collaboration between diverse populations of people are imperative in order to drive the change we need to see in this country.

Diversity & Inclusion

We strive for a world shaped by diversity and inclusion, where all voices, especially those who have been oppressed for so long, are valued.  We believe the world will only benefit from having more ideas brought to the table and in giving every human the opportunity to achieve their full potential. 

Continuous Learning & Self-Improvement 

Perspective and collaboration are tools that make us better; a stronger and more unified voice for change. Around our facilities, you will often hear a quote by the great  Winston Churchill: “To change is to improve, to change often is to perfect.” These words not only guide our organization on how we can improve internally, but how to better improve the way we contribute to the communities we serve. We seek perfection while graciously recognizing it will not be achieved. We strive to be better than what we were before; to change, to grow, to shed what doesn’t work, and to propel new ideas that move us forward. 


A more diverse and inclusive world means more opportunity. Opportunity for all of us to succeed because when nobody is left behind our society as a whole is better for it. Think about how many people in the world had the drive to be the greatest and most inspiring among us, but were held down by the structures of our society. It’s not just about the opportunities for them to be leaders, but opportunities for all Americans to seek life, liberty, and happiness. The opportunity for a son to do his schoolwork from home, for a mother to find a better paying job, for a grandmother to order her medication online, the opportunity for a black man to not have his life unjustly cut short. 

Moving Forward

A disproportionate amount of people who are in low-income communities are Black (23%). Since the institutions that are supposed to serve them suffer from systemic racism and bias, it is our goal to help create opportunities for people where those institutions fail. 

To turn the wheel of change to benefit our Black communities, friends, and partners, human-I-T will continue to take action to drive change around unjust treatment and systemic bias that continues to pain our nation. Our focus remains on digital inclusion by providing people with access to the tools and resources they need to succeed in the digital age.

In the spirit of lifting the voices of the Black community, we would like to promote two nonprofits who empower black youth to learn how to code and use technology. Please consider supporting the following organizations:


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