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As a new member of the Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTRR), human-I-T is now part of a nationwide network that is dedicated to refurbishing computers for social good and responsibly disposing e-waste. Additionally, as an organization that’s part of a community with The National Cristina Foundation, this new collaboration will allow anyone to easily search for similar organizations nationwide. These partnerships will ensure that our clients, recipients and partners will be able connect with us much sooner.

With this new alliance, human-I-T will be able to provide recipients with the ability to digitally connect and gain skill-based training. Although a majority of Americans have internet access on their mobile phones, schools, libraries, nearly “one in four doesn’t have access at home”, according to Our collaboration with The Cristina Foundation will ensure that more people have access to technology, therefore improving their ability to apply for jobs, learn a new skill, and pay their bills on time.

A partnership with AFTRR and the Cristina Foundation will also divert e-waste away from landfills and into the hands of someone that can use it. The ability to refurbish computers significantly minimizes e-waste, which is becoming “the fastest growing municipal waste stream in America” according to the EPA. We believe our partnership with The National Cristina Foundation will have a lasting impact, while furthering our social and environmental responsibility and moving forward with our digital inclusion efforts.

Click here to learn more about human-I-T and how you can join our cause to bridge the digital divide.


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