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 By. Michael Condra 

Net Neutrality marks one of the most significant issues of our time which aims to make the internet free and open to everyone. Open internet access allows people to apply for jobs, fill out a college applications, learn new skills and much more.  Safeguarding the internet will make sure that the next entrepreneur has the resources and connections they need to create life saving devices. July 12 marks Net Neutrality Day, let’s understand what this means for anyone who is separated by the digital divide.

“When I first started the Web, I didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission,” said Tim Berners Lee at a tech conference in 2006. At the very beginning the internet was built to allow anyone from anywhere to access the information they needed without obstacles. Net neutrality continues the development of the internet by keeping internet services open and available to those with access. Everyone looking to access educational opportunities will be able to without limited access that could impede their ability.

Applying for jobs is never easy, but the connection and reach to those jobs is even more difficult without internet access. Which highlights the reason why so many jobs go unfulfilled every year to align potential applicants with employers. In addition, this increases digital inequality for communities across the country who rely on internet related services in their area. Having an open and affordable internet allows people to communicate with their communities and the world.    

The impact of net neutrality on everyone is felt far and wide when we consider how much we use it for. Everyone from early stage entrepreneurs to students and job seekers rely on a affordable and open internet. 

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