Palo Alto Networks & Human-I-T Technology Drive

Just follow these three easy steps to donate your devices

  1. Fill out the form and we will send you an empty box and shipping label as ordered
  2. Carefully place the items in the box with the provided packing materials.
  3. Ship your package to Human-I-T via your normal UPS carrier or by dropping your box off at a UPS Store.


I already recycle. Why Should I use Human-I-T?

While recycling is certainly preferred over dumping electronic items into a landfill, it still overlooks the opportunity to reuse a device in its entirety. When electronics are recycled, they are often dismantled for their raw materials. Reusing electronics, on the other hand, extends the life of a working device. Reuse helps eliminate the amount of energy spent recycling devices, the amount of energy spent in creating new items, and the amount of waste created in the packaging and shipping of new items. Best of all, reusing devices gives less fortunate individuals in our community access to technology and opportunity in the digital age.

Can I Write off my donation?

All donations to Human-I-T are hassle free and tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. human-I-T is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization.

What items do we accept?

We accept every type of technology in any condition excluding appliances. From computers, scientific equipment, office phone systems, servers, smart phones….. The complete list would take up hundreds of pages. Below you will find a short list of items we accept.

Computer Systems & Accessories: • All-in-Ones • CPUs • LCD Displays • Hard Drives • Hubs • Laptops • Keyboards • Mice • Optical Drives • LCD Displays • Servers • Speakers • Switches • UPS Systems • Video Cards • Software • Wires & Cables • POS Systems • Servers • Networking • All PCI Cards Equipment (Video, Audio, & Graphics) • CRT Monitors

Handheld Devices: • Tablets • iPods • MP3 Players • Smart Phones • Cell Phones • Game Systems • Pagers • PDAs • Two Way Radios

Office Equipment: • Fax Machines • Laminating Machines • Photo Copiers • Printers • Scanners • Surge Protectors • Telephones • Security Equipment • Select Furniture • Shipping and Receiving

Audio & Video Equipment Supplies: • Camcorders • Cameras • DVD Players • Game Systems • LCD Projectors • Overhead Projectors • Stereos • LCD & LED Televisions

Warehouse Equipment: • Forklift • Pallets • Gaylords • Large Scales • Tools • Safety Equipment • Dollys • Misc. Equipment • Commercial Vehicles

What Items do we not accept?

  • Batteries not Integral to Computer Systems
  • Contaminated Equipment of any type
  • Cracked or Broken CRT Screens
  • Hazardous Materials of any type
  • Household Appliances including Microwaves and Refrigerators
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Styrofoam

How do you wipe my data?

View & download Certificate of Data Destruction here:

Using industry-standard software we completely wipe your data and issue you a certificate of data destruction with every donation.

Through a NIST 800-88 method, random data is written through the entirety of the drive destroying any recoverable data on the drive. The drive is then re-scanned to provide verification that all data has been destroyed.

The drive is erased to (NIST 800-88 4 and 800-14) specification. Our data destruction software wiping methods are compliant with the following international standards/laws: HIPAA, US Department of Defense 5220.22 M, US Army AR380-19, US Air Force 502, German VIST, Russian GOST p50739-9, Canadian OPS-II, HMG IS5 Baseline/Enhanced, Navso P-5329-26, NCSC-TG-025 & NSA 130-2, NIST 800-88

If your company policy is to keep your hard drives don’t worry! We can still put all your technology to good use even if it’s broken or missing components.

What pickup/shipping options do we offer?

Human-I-T has facilities in Los Angeles and Detroit. However, Human-I-T works with organizations all over the U.S. Depending on the quantity and types of technology you would like to donate, you or your organization may qualify for the following free service offerings:

On Site Pick Up
Human-I-T or one of its partners can come on-site to your location to remove, palletize, and pick up your donation. This is ideal for organizations that have several or larger items. We also cater to companies that are closing, moving or liquidating their business.

Free Freight Shipping
If your organization has the ability to palletize the technology being donated, Human-I-T can schedule approved carriers to pick up the pallets, at no expense to you.

Prepaid Shipping Labels
If your organization has the ability to package the donated technology, Human-I-T can send you prepaid shipping labels to cover the cost of shipping.

To ensure prompt service, please fill out the donation form (being as detailed as possible) by including the make, model, and quantity of the technology you wish to donate.

Plan on dropping off your technology?
Please call us first at 888-268-3921 x300 (English), x809 (Spanish)