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 In the spirit of celebrating the generosity of giving and supporting our nonprofit sector, the first Giving Tuesday campaign was launched in 2012. This tradition has continued on and on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, nonprofits around the country mobilize their community to support their mission. This year, Giving Tuesday is doing something unique to keep people connected and to help nonprofits continue their meaningful work during COVID-19.

On Tuesday, May 5, nonprofits are asking for critical support from their network on a new Giving Tuesday campaign – #GivingTuesdayNow. This is an opportunity for those who have the ability to champion a cause they care about in their community in a meaningful way. 

Over the past six weeks, human-I-T has been honored to operate as an essential business, as people rely on technology now more than ever! We provide low-income families across the country with the digital resources they need to stay informed, connected, and safe during the pandemic such as laptops and WiFi connectivity. We have received requests for over 17,000 laptops and are helping over 7,000 people get connected to high speed, affordable WiFi connections (5x our normal numbers). To see a glimpse of why this work is so important, check out our recent mention in this New York Times Article.

To support human-I-T on #GivingTuesdayNow, you can shop on our eBay store and hIT Connect store, encourage a company to donate their technology to us (so we can refurbish it and redistribute it to help those who need it!), or make a personal donation to our COVID-19 response efforts through our website. Support from our network will help us ensure we can continue getting technology to students, senior citizens, and our community partners; equipping people with a lifeline to stay informed on government updates, apply for jobs and loans, continue their schooling, video call with family, and more.


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