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Why Donate Instead of Sell?

Partnering with a human-I-T is an important step in ensuring your socially responsible company resonates with your customer base by allowing you to showcase your compassion, enhancing loyalty, trust, and revenue.

Donating your equipment is the best option for used working or non-working technology. human-I-T provides a cost-free, safe, and secure service enabling you to responsibly discard any unwanted technology while writing it off as a tax deduction. Selling your equipment may actually cost you money and potentially put you at risk if your technology is not securely handled.

Do you need to replace or dispose of technology from a Data Center?

human-I-T offers a complete, sustainable solution.

On-Site Services


After we process your equipment and wipe all data, we will provide you with the following:

Any technology we are unable to reuse will be responsibly recycled by an R2 certified recycler.