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The human-I-T team is passionate about serving the communities that have less opportunities and that are least connected. Today, we’re featuring one of our team members, Brian Guayante (who now works at the XPRIZE Foundation), on why working at human-I-T was a great place to learn, grow and serve in communities that needed the most help.

What did you like about human-I-T?

I was most attracted to human-I-T’s mission. I believe strongly that access to technology results in better economic outcomes for children and families and I was lucky enough to work on tasks and projects that directly addressed these issues. Through a partnership with the City of Los Angeles, my team distributed roughly 1200 systems to economically disadvantaged families. I was also able to go out and meet with people in their own communities to provide tech support and education.

Additionally, though the work was sometimes dirty and often difficult, I have never worked with a tighter-knit team. It was humbling to work alongside people who gave 100% all day, every day. human-I-T turns literal garbage into computer systems and internet access for needy families, and it would not be possible without the hard work of everyone at human-I-T.

What was your experience like with human-I-T?

I began at human-I-T as a volunteer, working with hardware technicians to repair and repurpose donated E-waste. After a couple of months, I was hired on and worked on data security. As I gained experience in my department, my responsibilities grew and I was eventually promoted to manage the IT department and human-I-T’s refurbishment activities. Under the guidance of co-founders James Jack and Gabe Middleton, I learned new skills every step of the way, and when it was time to move on, received encouragement and support as I pursued new challenges.

What’s your current role and where do you work?

I am currently working for the XPRIZE Foundation as a Helpdesk Associate. XPF provides cash prizes for teams and organizations working toward a variety of socially-beneficial goals, from adult literacy to carbon sequestration. It’s exciting to to be part of an organization that is constantly working on the edge of the possible and I would not be here if not for the skills and experience I gained at human-I-T.

What did you learn at human-I-T that is helping you in your new role?

Nearly everything. human-I-T was my first opportunity to get my feet wet in IT and has provided a good foundation for growth. In particular, the emphasis human-I-T places on effective communication and organization have served me very well as I meet the challenges of my new position.

What reasons would you give someone if they were considering joining human-I-T?

1. You will learn by getting your hands dirty.
2. You will work with great people.

3. You will make a positive difference in your community.

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