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Everyday millions in the U.S. don’t have access to high speed internet at home or a computer to use. This presents unique challenges for them to figure out how to gain access to the information they need. At human-I-T we work with a team that not only understand this issue well, but deeply cares about the work being accomplished. One of our current members, Ayokunle Kuye, has completed one year working with us and continues to play an important role in our organization. 

For more than a year now, Kuye continues to make a positive impact with us and those working around him. “My experience overall at Human-I-T has been a wonderful one. I have met great colleagues, met with donors and receivers of technologies, their excitement makes me excited too” he says. Overall, Kuye enjoys his time with us as human-I-T continues to grow and change.”Human-I-T gave me the opportunity to explore other skills that I naturally possess, take on new role as a manager and of course new challenges every day. I love it.”

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