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This year has been filled with stories that have covered the impact of the digital divide and digital access for Americans. From Pew Research studies on the impact of internet access to what and how we define digital inclusion. These stories have captured our attention and hopefully will capture yours as well. Here is an introduction to understanding what digital divide means and its impact it has on millions of people everyday.

human-I-T – The Power of Broadband Internet for Everyone

Here is one of our top posts from our archives that sheds light on what internet access can do for communities. As stated in the article; “greater access to the internet has the potential to include more people into the workforce and enable job placement and training for low-income neighborhoods.” This is a double win to combating unemployment and increasing education and job readiness skills for those who previously lacked internet access.

Pew Research Center – Digital Literacy and Learning

While millions of Americans lack access to a computer and the internet there is also a strong correlation to millions who are not prepared to adequately use technology. In this Pew Research Center report it shows a large number of people who don’t have digital readiness skills to work effectively and learn new computer skills. The report measured this gap by “their confidence in using computers, their facility with getting new technology to work, their use of digital tools for learning, their ability to determine the trustworthiness of online information, and their familiarity with contemporary “education tech” terms.” This is helpful to understand how to effectively help those who are left behind and what solutions work better for their situation.

Urban Land – How Cities Are Using Technology to Close The Digital Divide

Here is another helpful piece to understand how we solve the digital divide is to know who is involved. From government officials, public companies to local non-profits are working to close this divide and shaping polices on emerging tech applications. Panelists at the recent J.C. Nicholas Forum highlighted that a “common thread across all these innovations is how they are using technology to drive more equitable community connectivity and inclusion.” Building coalitions to connect the community and individuals is vital for the growing digital economy.

NDIA – Digital Equity Is the “What” And Digital Inclusion Is The “How”

Terms such as digital inclusion and digital equity are used so often in different industries that it’s meaning can change entirely, The National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) published a blog post to better understand where the “intersection of these two terms is that Digital Equity is the “what” (goals) and Digital Inclusion is the “how” (activities).” Knowing the difference between these two terms will help us develop better solutions in expanding internet access and delivering technology.

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